Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catholic League to Atheists: Take that!

I know there is a sort of love/hate relationship many Catholics in the blogosphere have with the Catholic League.  Sometimes it can do and say things that are almost worse than the things they condemn.  Still, I've noticed that the Church as a whole has adopted a sort of calm, patient, above it all approach to the increasingly anti-Christian nature of our society.  Atheists, having missed Hanukkah and the Haj (no doubt an error on their planning calendars), have decided to make up for it by launching a full blown broadside against Christians during this holy time of year.  Aided by Americans and retailers who would be happy to chuck the whole babe in a manger spiel in order to make room for more electronic game systems, the good atheists have found a sympathetic audience.  The media, none too happy with a religion that dares to assume there is something more important that keeping their sponsors happy, have naturally given no real thought to the atheist's initiative.  It's not like they are burning Korans or something.  It's just Christians they are pissing on.  So in this case, high five to the Catholic League for actually standing up and throwing one right back, and doing so in a way that should no offend anyone - unless, in the name of reason, they are offended by being exposed to different ideas. 

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  1. Well I for one want to focus on Christ this season. Christmas is a time for joy, not a time for bickering. I just hope that the Catholic league does not stoop too far down. I hope it is not going to start sticking out it tongue and saying "na na my sign is better than yours" approach. I liked the sign, let's not go too far with it.


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