Saturday, October 7, 2017

When did liberty become racist

Easy.  All people with white skin are racist.  Their countries are by definition racist.  Therefore everything about them is evil and racist.  Therefore anything that doesn't immediately call for their eradication is racist, as is anything that doesn't condemn the attempt to stop their eradication. is hardly a right wing outlet. It is indicative of the modern Left's struggles with the Frankenstein monster it has created.  Having torn down all traditional pillars of morality, values, common decency and basic civic discourse, the Left was ill-prepared for that ugly little lesson of history that things can always be worse.

You can tell Reason's article is mighty upset about this new notion that freedom is racist.  You can tell it harbors no love for traditional believers or religious values.  And you can almost feel the tension.  That tension continues to evolve among the Left as BLM, Antifa, and other radical groups of hate, violence, destruction and oppression come to the forefront of modern debate.

The news media ignores them, and most progressive commentators and pundits dismiss them.  Some still defend BLM with the usual 'Love them or you're a racist!' or the time honored 'Of course saying all lives matter is coded language meaning We Love Hitler!'.  But with each passing day, these ways of dealing the the movements are becoming more and more difficult.  If the possible ramifications weren't so dire, it would be funny to watch.



    Someone who explains this better than most Prof. Jordan B. Peterson

    1. Hah! I was trying to remember which JBP video had the answer. Good call, Andrew.

    2. David has been wondering around the edges of JBP territory for a while, I have been wondering if he had seen any of his stuff. Nate have you viewed any of his biblical series? I think that there are a lot of young people who have been taught to disregard the Bible as unscientific, and along comes this college professor with a Phd in Psychology, who at one time taught at Harvard, who says no that is not true. He then does a scientific analysis (from the point of view of human psychology) of the Bible and says, Im paraphrasing 'There is a lot of truth here and you just can't chuck it away'. There probably isn't anything new in Peterson's interpretation, some church father or collection of them has covered this stuff but coming from a guy like Peterson, it gets the attention of the young.

    3. Nate had sent me some links before. I have to say, being mentioned in the same paragraph as Peterson is quite the compliment!

  2. Andrew i may have emailed dave some of JBP's stuff.

    For those curious about Peterson's points on the Bible, here's a good snippet to explain the motif Peterson is going for.


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