Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm back

For a time.  It's a borrowed computer.  Not my broken one.  But I couldn't let this go.  It's that day of Infamy, quickly being forgotten.  Don't know if the news has mentioned it.  Still busy talking about Kennedy perhaps.  But it's worth remembering.  As America slips into the shadows, a time which Americans used to remember fondly.  Now, more often than not, it's the time of remembering racism, sexism, internment camps, and of course the atom bombs.  For me, I remember it differently.  I've learned that if I must focus on the worst of things, then I must focus on the worst of all things.  And that leaves the Catholic Church and its 2000 year history in a lurch.  Instead, I concede that bad can happen even in the best.  But instead of dwelling on it, I will try to remember the best.  That's not just regarding the Catholic Church by the way. But on this day, it is remembering the best of what this country was able to do in the wake of an unprovoked, and let's face it, dastardly attack. 

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