Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This is called the media making a controversy where there is none

I realize that across Social Media, there are many people who act as if they are more than happy to risk the life of a child in order to save a gorilla.  It's the logical ramification of where the last couple generations of American education would bring us.  Like my sons learned in 4th Grade Science class, humans are the only animals whose extinction would benefit the planet.  Told again and again over endless weeks and years, that has to have an impact.

Nonetheless, despite the Social Media armchair quarterbacks, just about every animal expert, including our own Jack Hanna, has come forward and approved of the action taken by the Cincinnati Zoo.  Attempts to compare it to other similar incidents have been shot down.  As one expert interviewed on FOX this morning said, even the slightest variation between two incidents, where the behavior of a gorilla is concerned, could make the two cases as different as night and day.

Not to be outdone by facts and experts, the media continues to find anything and anyone they can to keep the story alive, and suggest that there is nothing less than a gross assault on decency, incompetence of the third order, or a violation of all that is right and good in this sad event because it could have happened differently.  I'm not saying it can't be looked at, or the parents examined for their role in the tragedy.  The attempt to say the Zoo should have done anything other than what had to happen to save a child, however, suggests that it is more than just the media trying to boost ratings.  I begin to wonder if there is something about the experts agreeing that the child's life took precedence that somehow goes against the grain of what some in our media culture would rather hear.


  1. It seems to me a much more relevant issue concerns how the child so easily got into the enclosure with the gorilla. Children do what children do. Gorillas do what gorillas do. Let's make absolutely certain we keep them separated.

    This is a much more important and immediate concern that every zoo and location in which children and animals come into close proximity should already have addressed.

  2. I'm a bit shocked by the area around the enclosure, at least if the news graphics are accurate. I think it is something that needs looked into for sure. I think the attempts to make it more of a scandal than it is, however, is mostly the media's doing.


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