Monday, June 13, 2016

Is the Orlando shooting not about race?

It appears - appears mind you - that there is a certain ethnic trend among a majority of the Orlando shooting victims.  While the press, as well as Muslims, try desperately to downplay the shooter's religious devotions, much attempt has been made to make it about homophobia.  Not homophobia linked to Islam's teachings on homosexuality, or the horrendous carnage that homosexuals are put through in certain areas of the Islamic world.  No, just garden variety homophobia.

And yet, there seems to be another angle.  The point is nobody knows, and likely will ever know.  The coverage and commentary we see has nothing to do with solving problems, protecting people, or caring about death and suffering.  It's about maintaining the narrative and advancing the agenda.  Heck, on MSNBC last night I saw the host interviewing a member of the Islamic community.  During the interview, the host kept referencing the Charleston shooting as a case of racist hate crimes.  What does that have to do with anything?

It doesn't.  Truth is irrelevant.  Common sense is anathema.  If this guy was a white fellow who stopped by a Christian church once to use the bathroom, it would be a 24/7 mantra of white, racist, Christian men and the horrible racist, imperialist, genocidal heritage of the United States and the Christian West.  Just like the aforementioned Charleston shooter.  I knew one thing and one thing only about him after weeks and weeks of coverage.  I knew he had a picture of himself waving a Confederate flag, and was linked to various racist sites and rants.  That's it.  If he had any mental problems?  I don't know.  I think there might have been a single story about something domestic.  I think.  Heck, the issue of gun control barely came up.  It was race, Race, RACE!   Simple stuff.  Oft repeated, even Conservatives began to think it was time to bury the South, abolish all references to the Confederacy, and invoke the glorious censorship wherever need be.

But this.  A non Anglo-American Muslim shoots up a gay bar filled with Hispanics?  Talk about a liberal nightmare.  Sure, the public relations firms will swoop in to tell us he beat his wife or didn't care about God or lived a hedonistic life (when that actually becomes a bad thing).  They will try to focus on homophobia, but only to a point.  Only if they can make it about the general 'Religion vs. Gay Rights' or a similar conflict.  The race problem, if in fact it turns out that the majority were Hispanic, will be downplayed.  Remember, the officially sanctioned racist lie of our time is that you can always tell a racist by the color of his skin.  And since almost all good, white liberals fully endorse this racist lie, it has muscle.

Unfortunately, it is blatantly false almost to the point of ludicrous.  Only willful idiots would agree with it, but thankfully access to unprecedented levels of information has helped an entire generation of post-moderns to isolate itself from facts that are damaging to its pet prejudices.  It's all the easier when your pet prejudice is officially taught in our culture, our schools, our colleges, a sizable portion of our courts and at least half of our government.  It's as easy as it would have been a hundred years ago to say something negative about Jews or Blacks.

Because of that, don't expect the 'racist' angle to go far.  Gun control as always, with few actual suggestions that would have prevented this without seriously compromising the rights of law abiding citizens - something a significant number of Americans are more than happy to do.  Homophobia?  Sure, why not.  If all else fails, default to evil religion vs. wonderful free sexual rights.  But racism from a guy clearly not Anglo-American?   Not that it won't be mentioned, but I'd be shocked if it becomes the center of media focus and debate.

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