Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gays and Taxes: How US Politicians protect their priorities

Republicans, willing to let millions of unemployed Americans get tossed into the street for Christmas, are fighting the good fight to make sure that taxes remain cut for everyone.  Certainly good news for anyone who pays taxes, but you get the sneaky impression that it's really those big money makers who pay taxes that they care most about.  Hence, their willingness to let millions of Americans in a stagnant employment market lose what little bit they had left.  I wonder if millionaires were collecting unemployment if the Republicans would have let things go on principle.

Meanwhile, Democrats are infuriated at the Republicans for letting unemployment expire.  Yet for all their outrage, they let it happen with nary a whimper.  At the same time, they are investing every muscle, sinew, tendon, and ligament they have in the grand fight to get gays to openly serve in the military.  All this while those same millions of unemployed that they care about are going to be tossed into the streets for Christmas. 

Some have said that the difference between our two parties is that one is stupid and evil, and the other is evil and stupid.  As much as I hate to indulge in such sweeping condemnations of our government, sometimes it's tough to do anything else.

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