Thursday, December 2, 2010

A petition to Steve Jobs

In reaction to the decision by Apple to censor the Manhattan Declaration because it fails to conform to the Left's dogmatic definitions of diversity - chief among these being the celebration and veneration of homosexuality - a petition has been put together for those who still labor under those old 60s and 70s liberal ideals of a free and open society.  Go here to sign it.

This whole thing has brought up some interesting commenting on the ol'blogosphere.  If we really live in this grand information age, where peons like me can start a blog and say anything I want, or others like Assange challenge nations as he recklessly tosses about anything he wants to make what ever point he makes, consequences be damned, then what about our sources?

All of our 'information' and communication is via this or that company or provider.  If those companies begin to demand conformity to this or that ideal or belief system or else they pull the plug on you and prohibit you from getting your message out, are we really a free society?  Are we even worse than before?  Certainly worth thinking about, especially since Bill Gates has long since convinced us that interpersonal relations by way of electronics is the only way to relate to our world. 

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  1. Done! And you are correct, there is something troubling about how we are surrendering ourselves to our technology providers.


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