Friday, December 3, 2010

Muslims react to Atheist billboards proclaiming Mohammed's message a fake

Actually not.  It's just the annual war on Christmas heating up.  While part of me thinks the whole war on Christmas thing is overblown, another part of me sees this as evidence of the growing impatience for tossing Christianity out of our society once and for all.  Plus, why aren't there any signs blasting Hanukkah?  Technically it's not even Christmas yet, but it is Hanukkah.  Why no signs mocking that?  How about the Haj?  Didn't see any atheist signs popping up saying that whole Mohammad thing was a bunch of made up stories by a clever salesman.  Why only Christmas?  Some might say because Christmas gets all the attention.  But not so.  When the Haj was covered, it was almost all about what the Haj was.  When Hanukkah is talked about, it's usually to describe what it is, even when taught on children's shows.  But when Christmas is discussed, it's actually that secular celebration of vague family get togethers laced with consumerism.  The actual Christian part of the holiday has its hands full just trying to get people to remember that there is a Christian basis for the holiday.  So why pick on Christmas?  Why not go after the religious holidays that are talked about almost purely for their religious content?  Does make you wonder, don't it.


  1. I admit much of the war on Christmas is just media hype from places like Fox. But there is truth to it. You make a valid point. Why don't atheists attack other religions like they attack Christianity? If it were only Muslims they ignore, it could be cowardice. But they attack no other religion by name that I'm aware of.

  2. I say they attach Christians because somewhere there is a part of them that realizes that we might be the biggest threat to them. Not because we are going to attack them, not because we are going to intellectually challenge there "belief or unbelief" But because our religion is based on "Faith". We don't need proof that God exists- we know he does through our "Faith" - A Faith that is living and breathing through our actions, through our reactions. Why was Jesus killed- because he went out and hurt people, because he was telling his followers to go out and kill people that didn't believe in him, NO! because he was a threat because he could reach people through their hearts and change the very fabric of their faith and beliefs.


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