Thursday, December 2, 2010

Democrats rushing to help 2 million unemployed workers from losing everything

... reminds me of nothing so much as this:

Again, not that Republicans care any more than Democrats. But Republicans have never cared about anything other than helping corporate billionaires and those struggling millionaires yearning for a billion dollar bank account.

But it seems like only a few months ago when the unemployment benefits were going to expire, the Democrats waged holy Jihad against the Republicans, pulling out every stop, and stood ready to take a thousand bullets to see to it that not one brass farthing was denied a single family.   What happened?  Other than the election being over.

Perhaps I'm just getting cynical in my old age, but am I the only one who gets the strange feeling that our leaders feign concern for the peasant class for about six months before every election, only to stop caring and return to the wining and dining for the next year and a half until it's time to act concerned again?


  1. I just had to laugh at the picture and the entire image of the government moving at a snails pace. Goodness knows they could get more accomplished if they just tried to not be like that snail.

  2. That is funny, though I'm not sure you're being fair to the Republicans. They actually do care for the working American, which is why they are trying to eliminate government interference in our lives.

  3. I'm sorry, but if they really cared, they would find some way to stand firm without throwing 2 million people into the cold. Granted, I'm sure some of those people have taken advantage. But most probably haven't. That's a big chunk of people to say 'sorry about your luck' to, especially when the big problem seems to be protecting the tax rates of wealthy individuals. Nothing against wealthy people, but that seems to be, by actions, where the Republican sympathies lie. Not with the average person.


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