Monday, December 6, 2010

Congrats Dane Sanzenbacher

Named Ohio State Buckeye's most valuable player.  About freakin' time he's getting some much deserved attention.  He's only one of the most intense, dynamic, passionate, and explosive receivers I've seen in recent years.  I didn't know a person could catch a football in so many different poses:

Much of the press attention understandably has been on Terrelle Pryor, his receiver of choice DeVier Posey, as well as the indomitable Boom Herron.  But when it comes to the joy of watching a receiver catch a football against all physical odds, in a grace and style that would put BalletMet to shame, none outdid Sanzenbacher, the man my boys say must play with glue before a game.  Well done and stay safe!


  1. wow read that article and found these quotes that really show what a team player he has been.

    What makes people willing to do that? I thought about that even outside of a football perspective, what would make a human want to jump up and do it?"

    Sanzenbacher came up with three answers. One, you do it because you have always done it that way since you started playing football.

    Two, you do it for your teammates, because you know they would do it for you.

    And three, you do it to reach the goals you set as a team, even if it wasn't enough Saturday. What you don't do it for is yourself.


  2. Dane was my favorite player on this team all season long. He gives his all, plays through adversity, and his character is sterling. I'm hoping he makes it in the pro's. They could use some good role models.

  3. That is exactly right- he has been such a good role model for my kids it has been nice to watch.
    So Go DANE!!!
    Mom of 4 boys


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