Thursday, December 2, 2010

Celebrities getting cheers for acting in ways we would never tolerate in our own homes

The funny thing about stories like this, where the media just giggles and grins over how 'risky' and 'bold' our entertainers are for taking off the gloves and being truly distasteful, is how mundane and otherwise boring it has become.  In the 60s, when Jimmy Stewart might make an off color joke, or Fred Astaire toss out an innuendo, it was gasp inducing.  That's because there was a common set of shared values that everyone could measure things against. 

But today, when a bunch of struggling former somebodies get up and try to shock and awe in a valueless and amoral society, it is about as interesting as putting wax on trees and watching squirrels slide.  Truth be told, if they really wanted to be radical, to rebel against the norm, and break taboos and barriers of acceptable behavior, they should dress conservatively and treat each other respectfully.  Or even read the Bible!  Wow!  Now that would be a roast!  We wouldn't know what to do.  But alas, there are few industries less aware of themselves when it comes to blind and brainless enslavement to conformity and groupthink than Hollywood.

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