Friday, December 3, 2010

Because liberals always listen to the Pentagon

Turns out the infallible study by the Pentagon, that lifting Don't Ask/Don't Tell would be much ado about nothing, may not be so cut and dry.  The actual leaders who serve with and lead our servicemen and servicewomen are crying not so fast.  Some, particularly in the Army and Marines, suggest the change could cause more problems than the study admits.  Progressives, who simply will sacrifice anything that has to do with life below the waistline, are turning to the Pentagon for help.  The Pentagon.  If you are under 25, that may not seem like a big deal.  But if you are my age and grew up in the 70s and 80s, the joke is right there before your eyes.  Shows how ideological purity usually gets set aside for ideological expediency.  But that's the fun of being progressive.  You can always shrug your shoulders and say that was the old way, this is the new.

For my part, with troubles in the Koreas, a stalled nuclear treaty with Russia, economic floundering, millions of unemployed workers losing everything at Christmastime, and a mounting debt that no one can stop, I'm glad to see we are investing so much time and effort in a much more worthwhile cause.

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  1. The focus in this world is never on the right things it seems.
    What would be at this point a good approach is to say "What would Jesus do!" I don't know the answer to this right of the top of my head, but prayers for the leaders to make the right decisions would go a long long way I believe.


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