Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Apple reminds us that Capitalism without Christ is no better than Communism

Apple, like most corporations, comes off as pretty much amoral where values are concerned.   After all, the main purpose, in fact the only purpose, for a corporation is to make money.  Tons of money.  Gobs of money.  Never ending streams of money.  Little things like morals, values, and ethics are usually a concern only where increasing the bottom line is at stake.  Most corporations and many big money makers in our country are, shockingly, to the left. The reason?  What better field for financial harvest than a society whose main values manifest themselves in hedonism and narcissism, revelry and selfish obsession with material possessions?  And like the emergent post modern Left to which it caters, Apple thinks nothing of using some good old censorship to keep out those who fail to conform to the Left's dogmatic definitions of diversity. 


  1. Ah yes, The good old USSA- The United Soviet Socialist of America (it is coming)

  2. Socialist? Could you please tell me how a company freely choosing to limit applications based on attacking people is socailist? Do you even know what that means?

  3. Troyson,

    I've noticed you often show up, post a couple quick snippets, then go off to parts unknown. I'm fine with folks commenting. I want more to comment. I'm OK with people disagreeing with me, or each other. I also know that we can sometimes have little patience for ideals we don't subscribe to. But if you are going to come and question people about their knowledge, or critique their views, have the decency to come back around and give them a chance to respond. This continuing process of 'arrive, throw a zinger here or there, then leave and not come back to dialogue' is probably getting on some of the commenters' nerves. I know it's getting on mine. So feel free to disagree and discuss why. But please stop just coming by to toss often unsubstantial slams and digs at people who have commented without coming back to let acknowledge their responses.

  4. Thank you Dave.
    the comment of early was a quip obvously. The person who made it was not saying that what was done was socialism, they were commenting on the state of the direction things are headed.

  5. I don't know what they meant. I just know that Troyson has had a habit of drive-by commenting. I'm fine with anyone having disagreements or even slugging it out over a topic. But just dropping in, writing 'that's dumb', then departing for days at at time wasn't really adding to anything. Troyson may always come and comment, but just make sure it's to discuss or add to the discussion, not just place thumb on nose.


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