Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Catholic Blog in which there is no guile

Is found at Jimmy Akin's wonderful site.  True, you get the first snippets and then must follow the links to the full stories, but it's worth it.  Mr. Akin follows the path of the apologist.  He basically deals with unpacking the teachings of the Church, explaining this or that doctrine or scriptural passage, and occasionally touches on a controversial issue and defends the Church against those who would misrepresent or attack it.  Fair enough.  A good, well rounded approach.  I'm not saying he's perfect.  But he seems to get that the main job of an apologist is to win souls, not arguments.  And so his blog is both informative, and at times challenging  without the need to follow the sort of dialogue one expects on places like the Huffington Post. Here he is, tackling the issue of sickness and faith in a way that could help someone trying to make it through the tangled mess of misunderstandings about Catholic doctrine.

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