Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Press gives Muslims who want Ground Zero Mosque to be built a chance to be heard. It also allows a couple voices in the Muslim community to part company. Fine. No problem there. Meanwhile, an Orthodox church, the only building not part of the World Trade Center complex destroyed in the attacks, languishes without help to rebuild. The Port Authority seems to have poked the Orthodox in the eye, the media has ignored it, and no one seems to care. But that shouldn't surprise me. After all, many are now settling comfortably into the meme that anyone opposing this Mosque for any reason is simply a bigot. While at the same time this is a society in which people (ahem, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, John Landis, and other worthies) make their livings mocking Christians, insulting Christians, calling the faith a lie, a hoax, a singular source of evil, calling Christians idiots, dolts, morons, racists, stupid, and on and on. If folks who point out that 9/11 might have had something to do with Islam, or worse suggest it is insensitive to build the center near Ground Zero are merely bigots, then what does the hate filled anti-Christian rhetoric so at home in our own media say about the aforementioned?

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