Tuesday, August 10, 2010

American male adheres to modern standards

And the media that has promoted these standards looks on indignantly:

In the end, after decades of feminists giving the big middle finger to traditional notions of male chivalry as an archaic leftover from patriarchal chauvinistic sexism, and after generations of self-focus being made the highest aspiration for which we can strive, I'm always shocked at how we seem gobsmacked when someone actually lives out these values. Do we not know what they look like in real practice? Or is it that we never believed these lofty principles, but rather use them as smokescreens for other, hidden agendas? Every time our progressive, liberal, post-feminist society acts miffed at men for not treating women selflessly in old world fashion, I can't help but wonder at the level of hypocrisy behind it all.

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