Monday, July 4, 2016

Some De-Stalinization for Independence Day

One thing about our post modern revolution, it makes no bones about its desire for a post-freedom society.  It seems happy to admit it wants government censorship, government control, and the ability to eradicate all traces of ideas and beliefs it finds repugnant.  And it's willing to use the same tactics liberalism long condemned as evidence of totalitarian terror states.

So in this story, a Pennsylvania lawmaker has joined the anti-history movement of the modern Left.  I get why folks wouldn't want a Confederate Flag flying at a courthouse or statehouse.  After all, why bother?  We don't have Union Jacks flying at government buildings.  England lost.  So did the Confederacy.  And yes, the issue of slavery was the catalyst for the greater issue of America's identity and political structure.  I understand the symbolic implications.

Nonetheless, history is to be learned, not changed to conform to our whims and fancies. We don't erase history.  We don't take old photographs and edit out offensive people or ideas or symbols.  That's what the Communists did.  That was Joseph Stalin 101.  Those who think it will end with the Confederate Flag represent a new, historically unprecedented level of stupid or at least naivete.

Yet on queue, we have another of a growing number of examples of the modern Leftist revolution's desire to rewrite reality to conform to its dogmas.  The insistence that historical reenactors remove the Confederate flag because, for some reason, they say they don't tell history?  Let me tell you a little bit about historical reenactors.  At least regarding their particular spot of history, there are few professional PhD historians who know more about the history than they do.  This is their passion, their love, and they spend more hours studying and investigating their part of history than most scholars you'll ever meet.  To say they don't do it accurately is modern newspeak for meaning they present history based on facts, not on the all important narrative.

Nonetheless, as is becoming increasingly clear, those with facts, reason and common sense on their side are fighting a losing battle.  Somewhere America crossed a line or went around a corner.  We no longer want truth.  We don't want facts.  We don't want reason or reality.  We simply want whatever we want.  And facts are becoming a pain in the butt.

It's not a conservative or liberal thing per se.  I've seen many conservatives argue against the obvious, especially when it came to torture or wire tapping.  But the driving force of this trend is the radical Left and its revolutionary takeover of America's heart and mind.  Like the communist revolutions before it, facts and reason cannot be tolerated.  And like the communists before it, censorship and the eradication of evidence that flies in the face of its propaganda are name of the game.

As we celebrate Independence Day, I must begrudgingly side with several sites and posts that have lamented the failure of the great American experiment.  It took over two centuries to fail, but for all their wisdom and foresight, the Founding Fathers never saw the radical secularist revolutions of the 20th century that would finally do it in.  Even if, of course, they foresaw the tendency of the masses to support slavery over freedom at the first chance.  They merely assumed education and a free press were balances to keep men free.  Apparently they didn't see the press and educational systems allying to teach people to end the checks and balances that keep them free so that they could return to the servitude from whence their ancestors came.


  1. The legislator in question, Vanessa Lowery Brown, is a crook. She is facing trial on a corruption sting and has been playing the race card hard ever since:

    I promise you that true history will ultimately win out against those who seek to mangle it for crass political purposes.

  2. I think we always want to believe that truth will prevail. And in the long run, I'm sure it will. I simply don't look forward to the short term travails were are about to endure as a result of accepting stupidity and lies in order to jettison freedom and morality.


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