Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Off to Patheos

There is still some hammering away at the details, but the Patheos channel for my blog is now up and running.  Here is the link.  Moving forward, I'll be posting there.  At first, until I get used to things, the posting might be a bit sparse.  But once I'm comfortable with the new systems, I should be back to full steam.  See you over there!  Remember, tell a friend.  :)


  1. (meant to post this at earlier announcement)

    WHAT??? Patheos! Well now this has all totally jumped the shark! Just sell your soul for Whales, eh?

    Nah I'm kidding. Congrats man, hopefully this will give you a bit of side-income to help out your family. Just, don't forget to tell me how y'all playing Yedo worked out sometime. ;)

    Now will you and Shea get into a REAL blogging, mud slinging fight? (I could imagine you both wearing those inflatable sumo suits) XD lol j/k

  2. Thanks Nate! Come on over. I'll get to posting about that when I get settled. It will be interesting, Mark and me over on the same channel. Though if he leaves me alone, I'll likely leave him alone. Personally I don't mind Mark half as much as he seems to mind me. Though the sumo suits idea could come in handy. :)

  3. Hi David,

    Maybe in the future you'll be off to bigger and greater things eh?


    In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,


  4. Yeah, I expect a Nike commercial contract any day. :)

    See you there!


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