Saturday, February 6, 2016

There are no neutral religious beliefs

Religion is a belief.  There is no such thing as a zone of neutrality where we all just agree to disagree.  There is no place where it is simply the one secular truth about religion and all the others are biased beliefs and the stuff of sectarian clashes.  All views of religion are biased.  They are all opinions and beliefs.  And in almost every case, they have little desire to live and let live with other views, at least on some level.

Oh sure, they will live with other views as long as those views conform to their ideas.  Jesus is acceptable to Hindus as long as he is understood from a Hindu point of view.  So as long as Christians accept the Great Heresy of liberalism, Christians can live along with others in America who disagree.  That's because we've already accepted the fundamental doctrine of the secular Left: that one religion is as good (or bad) as the others.  So if we accept that premise we're allowed to hang out in society.  At least for a time.

That's not something Christians really believe, BTW.  But it's something we've been forced to accept in practice.  The reason is that we were convinced by the constant pounding and pounding and pounding of the evils of past Christians and the horrible things done in the name of the Faith, that we needed to step away from center stage.  As if no other evil was ever done for any other reason.  But by the constant hashing and trashing of the Christian past, Christians were convinced that we were the main problem, we were unfair, we were the oppressors, and so we needed to step aside from the public square and give others a chance.  Then all would be happy and well.

So, for instance, they said that proselytizing was a grave evil, and trying to convert others to another religion was unacceptable behavior.  They wouldn't do such a thing to us. We'd all just live happy and together respecting our differences and celebrating a culture that celebrated everyone and everything.  Correct?  Right?  Bueller? 

Well, no.  There is no value neutral zone in world history.  Every movement, philosophy, theology, moral code sees itself as the standard against which all others standards are measured.  They might be different, have different priorities, or have different standards than other movements or beliefs.  But they are no less willing than any other belief system to impose their values and even marginalize and eventually eradicate those things they find reprehensible based on their own indisputable and superior beliefs.

So we have a growing number of Americans sick of all this God rubbish and ready to call it quits on the whole God and America narrative.  It's time that the whole God Bless America be tossed out in the trash heap along with Confederate flags and Better Dead that Red buttons. Sure we're told they just want it stopped this one time.  But it will be more tomorrow.  If Christians continue along with the idea that everyone else wants to sing John Lennon songs and give peace a chance, so we need to stop having our Christian beliefs out there and expecting our societies to be based on our beliefs, then pretty soon we're going to be in the ghettoes and catacombs wondering what went wrong.  We still have time, of course.  But until we stop accepting the premises of movements and heresies that would have us pushed off the stage, we are going to end up off the stage.  And it won't be us, but our children and their children who have to pay the price.

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