Saturday, February 6, 2016


There is some truth to that.  I'm no economist, and I hesitate to wade too deeply into issues I'm not schooled in, or can't at least intelligently observe.  I can tell our economy isn't doing well.  I can also tell that the Free Market doesn't seem to solve all the problems it's supposed to solve. 

But socialism as the economic theory of Jesus also seems to overstate the case.  Like most topics today with a college educated generation with access to the Internet, it's tough pinning things down on the subject.  After all, many Bernie or Obama supporters will mock critics who accuse them of being socialist like Europe, stating that technically Europe is not socialist in the strictest sense of the word.  And yet, when backing Obama or Sanders, they will inevitably point to Europe as a glowing example for how awesome things are.  They usually don't point to other, non-Western socialist countries.   I don't know why. 
Please see note below

Well, those European countries aren't necessarily paradise.  Anyone paying half attention to the problems in Europe knows that the policies of Europe are not sure wins.  In fact, it's a train wreck.  And not just because there are economic problems.  Europe is literally aborting itself out of existence.  I wonder if the same suicidal tendencies that a society appears to demand in order to embrace non-heterosexual normality are also the ones needed to embrace a European style democratic socialism.  I don't know.

I just know that Europe seems no better than America, and many issues we have here are at least as bad there, or worse.  There are differences of course.  And I'm the first to say that mixing freedom and godlessness, as John Adams predicted, can be quite catastrophic in its own right.  Our disastrously built house is proof of that.  But don't tell me that the only hope is to embrace an approach that appears no better in results, as well as in its core values, than the worse of what we have here in the US.  If you are tired of the Detroit Lions having lousy seasons, don't insist we follow the Cleveland Browns model for winning.  And more to the point, don't tell me I don't love Jesus if I'm not following the Browns model for football greatness. 

NOTE: I know that John Adams said more than this about the role of religion and Christianity in the our new nation than a single quote.  Like most things, his views were more complicated than modern polemics allows.  Especially those silly atheist polemics that take select quotes as if to say "See! Atheist Country!"  Fact is, Adams, like most of the Founding Fathers, assumed a relatively religious nation with people from a somewhat similar moral and religious framework - give or take.

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