Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Poor fellow

Jim Gilmore, who is actually running for president, received only 12 votes in Iowa.  That's not 12%.  That's 12 votes.  Assuming he had more than 12 people working statewide for his campaign, that means not all of his own workers voted for him. Ouch.

I'm one of those people who hates to see a team get nothing.  Last year when OSU decimated Wisconsin, I felt bad that the Badgers didn't at least get a field goal.  So seeing this, I can't help but feel a little sorry for him.  But also a little frustrated with our ministry of Propaganda.  Martin O'Malley bowed out because of low numbers.  With  only two competitors on the Democratic side, he couldn't beat 1%.

And I fault the media, who today is busy going around and asking what does this mean for Trump, how will Trump respond, what does Trump do, can Bernie topple Hillary or can she pull it through, but who will go against Trump, will Trump win, how will Trump move forward, what about Trump's speech, and so on and so on and Scooby Dooby Do. 

Is the media the only reason Trump has the numbers he has?  No.  I'd be a fool to suggest that.  But I'd be no less of a fool to suggest that the historically unprecedented coverage that the media has given Trump hasn't played some part.  The media wants Trump in there mixing it up. For the same reason the media is jockeying between Hillary and Sanders.  It much preferred Biden, and before Uncle Joe ducked out, you barely knew who Sanders was.  But knowing the damaged goods that Hillary brings to the table, the media needs someone to turn to - just in case.

So instead of pausing, they jumped on the Bernie bandwagon and forgot O'Malley even existed.  The first interview of O'Malley that I saw, I saw going into the town hall meeting right before Iowa.  And Gilmore?  I'm not sure the media was aware he existed.  With a million candidates chewing up time in the GOP, I can say part of it was Gilmore's responsibility to be noticed.  But as an instrument of information that is supposed to supply us with all that we need to make informed choices, you'd think somewhere along the line the media would have pointed out that he was alive.

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