Thursday, February 4, 2016

Obama either lies

Or is ignorant.  Either way, he just threw the suffering and oppression of millions of Christians for countless centuries under the bus.  So he went to a mosque.  So the imam may have said things that condone certain acts of terrorism.  So what?  Obama is liberal and in the comp studies approach to religion, one is as good as another.

But Islam does not just mean peace.  It means submission, too.  It's a more complex term than either/or.  Simply dropping one part of it doesn't help.  It's wrong.  Yes, it can mean peace, but it does so in the context of submission.  If we want to work with Islam, let's work with Islam.  Not some fabricated BS version of it that has less depth than a video game.

But it's this part that is the rub:

“for more than a thousand years people have been drawn to Islam’s message of peace.”

A thousand years of peace?  Tell that to Constantinople.  That would be Istanbul today, as a result of that Islamic peace.  Tell that to Christians who have lived under Islamic oppression for countless centuries.  Tell that to those who have been treated like blacks were treated in the US before Civil Rights.  Go ahead. That would be like saying 'Except for that, let's look at all the good that the American South brought to our history.'  Try that today and see how long you last. Try it with Obama.  But that's exactly what Obama did, only he did it in such a way that shows who he thinks are the evil ones, and who he thinks are merely the misunderstood ones. 

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