Monday, December 12, 2011

Alec Baldwin reminds me that it's not easy having respect for celebrities

I'm sure everyone heard the news.  American Airlines has a policy about cell phones.  Baldwin ignored the policy.  Baldwin was removed, acted like a spoiled child, and then appeared on SNL to do what SNL does: mock those who challenge its prepubescent sensibilities.  Funny?  Not really.  Most of SNL isn't really that funny, at least IMO.  I never thought it was.  I always found most of its skits to be 'I laugh because everyone else does and it's expected.'  But really.  I mean, this is the stuff a middle school student does because he gets caught cheating on a test and doesn't have the maturity to own up to his actions. 

It just reminds me that celebrities in our culture are treated like the aristocracy of old.  And apparently, not a few of them expect such treatment.  Naturally, Yahoo News gushes over the stellar performance of Baldwin and rejoices in the mockery of an airline employee who failed to genuflect to the obvious superiority of our noble class. 

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