Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pope to Spain: Save yourself

Greeted by a few hundred of the usual suspects, Pope Benedict once again has given a part of Europe the antidote for healing itself from the infection of secularism. Naturally, a few hundred folks who insist that the individual is the hub around which the universe spins came out to express their displeasure. But note that over a quarter million came out to cheer the Pope. Of course some of these hundreds of thousands may well have been responsible for electing a socialist government founded upon, among other things, giving a giant middle finger to the Church. We can't know. But the government has been voted in, in part thanks to some well timed Islamic terrorist attacks a few years ago, and is working overtime to help push Spain over the same brink that so many other European countries have plummeted. We'll see if it's too little too late. But at least he is speaking more forcibly. Let's see if he aims such strong rhetoric at the Catholic faithful and other notable religions that seem to be causing a certain amount of problems in the world.

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