Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping it in perspective

Life with a one year old sometimes reminds me of this:

Even though we have three grown boys, the addition of a new Griffey has added some long forgotten twists on the scheduling of life. Of course he came around after we became Catholic - no doubt cosmic coincidence.

Still, despite having left my vocational career at the dawn of the worst economic spiral since the Great Depression, and despite the sudden gift of our latest child, we're still here. It's easy to fuss and gripe when things go sour, and I must admit I wouldn't mind some stability. Yet, God is good. We're here. Against all odds, and with the help, guidance, and prayers of many, despite leaving everything on the eve of our great, global economic train wreck, we've lost very little. So God is good. Even our most precious baby, with three great boys to help show him the ropes, has done nothing so much as bring a bright ray of joy to our lives when you'd think it would have been a burden.

But that's the way of God I suppose. It may not always seem easy, or make sense. Doing everything in the world to avoid a kid, staying put even if your heart and mind are restlessly pulled to something else you believe is true, staying where the money is and putting the best spin on compromise of beliefs - those all make sense. And few juries would have convicted us for doing any of these things. Especially in 21st century America.

But we didn't, we followed our consciences, we left it all, jumped through hoops, have been surprised by the joy, received the blessings of life in the Sacraments of the Church, and continue to reap blessing after blessing from our four wonderful boys that we wouldn't give up for all the world's promises.

So next time I feel like:

I'll just remember what I have, all that God has given, and to trust God no matter how counterintuitive it may seem. Which is a very Christian, dare I say Catholic, thing to do. Because down the road, even if it's through trials and tribulations, thorns and thistles, the reward more than makes up for it - as these mere hints of our future prize attest.

So with that said, it's time to go have dinner, relax, and enjoy those little blessings from God. Till tomorrow.

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