Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Left uses Zika to attack the Catholic Church

Like AIDS before it, the Left is seizing on the latest pandemic, Zika, to attack the Church's position on birth control.  Now I've seen multiple individuals from the CDC interviewed who have assured us that sex is not the primary concern.  So far, there is one confirmed case where Zika was transmitted sexually.  While that means there could be more cases resulting from sex, transmission by mosquito is still the biggest concern.

Never ones to let facts and reality get in the way, the propaganda organs of liberalism swing into gear and immediately use this as leverage against the Catholic Church's position on birth control.  It should be noted that the Orthodox Church also has the same teaching regarding birth control.  The only difference is that the Orthodox Church appears willing to allow exceptions based on grave circumstances (it does not do so with abortion, but in some rare cases with contraception). So technically, it's not just the Catholic Church.  And at the turn of the 20th century, it would have been all of Christendom. 

Nonetheless, sex is the great carrot that liberalism dangles in front of a lazy, ill informed generation.  After all, why else would people follow a movement that is increasingly bold about its belief that us little people must submit to the will of our betters?  Easy.  Sex!  Hedonism and narcissism: The bread and circuses of modern liberalism.  But to get there, you have to make sex devoid of consequences.  And while abortion is the all important safety net, contraceptives are the preferred first line of defense.

So seeing Zika and hearing that sex might be involved, liberalism once again shows its stripes.  Rather than say 'Hey, it might be time to pull back on the whole sexual promiscuity package we've been selling all these years', it instead promises to pass out more condoms and, despite almost 30 million dead from AIDS, insists this time it will work.  And since the greatest obstacle to this narrative of free sex is the Catholic Church, if the left must exploit the suffering of innocents to advance its agenda, it will do so.  

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