Friday, February 5, 2016

Over at Catholics for Bernie Sanders

We're reminded that one of the most radically culture of death, non-religious but spiritual, secular socialists in America is the candidate who is closest to Pope Francis.  Truth be told, I don't know if that is accurate or not.  I can see that there is a groundswell of Catholic support for Sanders, and it appears to be gaining steam.  Not that all Catholics who support Sanders support him on issues like religious freedom, abortion, assisted suicide, or the HHS mandate.  But otherwise, his Socialism appears to be the big draw, as is his condemnation of any military action we've undertaken in recent years, calls for gun control and opposition to the death penalty.

If that is Pope Francis, then I'd say the Church had best do some serious soul-searching.  If, in the age of God's gift of the Internet, a growing number of Catholics think this is Pope Francis (assuming it isn't), and further think this is where all good Catholics should throw their support, then I'd say we better do some brain searching. 

Oh, and the same goes for that breed of Internet Catholic who proudly insists on staying in the bleachers and never joining a team, and who inexpiably aligns with anyone outside of the mainstream simply because he or she is outside the mainstream. It's not Catholic to simply refuse to join a team any more than it is Catholic to stay loyal to a team just because.  In fact it is very un-Catholic to support candidates who advocate grave evils that cry out to heaven for vengeance simply because they happen to scratch some non-conformist itch.

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