Sunday, February 7, 2016

Go Peyton!

I don't have a dog in this fightThe Evil Empire has been destroyed, at least for this season.  I don't have a bone to pick with the Panthers, though Cam Newton is a bit over the top for my liking.  Still, I wouldn't mind seeing Ted Ginn rack up some points and wow the football audience.

But is there anyone who wouldn't like to see nice guy Peyton Manning go out in a blaze of glory?  And with him, he wouldn't come back.  It wouldn't be like the sad Michael Jordan return that sucked the air out of one sports history's greatest career finishes.  Once he leaves - and almost everyone believes this will be his last hurrah - he will be gone.  After all, he's almost 40 years old.  That's like 90 in football years.  Especially for a quarterback.  So we'll see. 

If the Panthers win, I won't cry.  But if the Broncos win, despite the shafting they gave to Tebow, for the sake of Manning, I will celebrate. 

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