Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Muslim group declares war on Christians

The headlines read Al-Qaida is threatening to kill more Christians. But if you read the article, you will see that it's actually a group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq. The Christian church in Iraq has suffered greatly since the US lead invasion. The question is, why? I know, I know, because Bush screwed everything up. But that doesn't answer everything. Since 9/11, the biggest killer of Muslims has been Muslims. Why? How does Bush's policies in Iraq lead to Muslims in other parts of the world killing each other? Launching raids against India or Pakistan? Rising up against churches in Indonesia? Now the attention is turning to the Christian population in Iraq.

I'm not saying Bush's policies weren't majorly flawed. But to simply dismiss all this with a 'it's Bush's fault' answer may miss the point. It certainly plays loose with the well being of those Christians in question. In any event, obviously there are problems with Christians being singled out for slaughter by a Muslim group. Notice that the group is an 'umbrella' group. It includes, but is not solely made up of, Al-Qaida. Should we expect international outrage? Would we hear such outrage if Christians in Iraq targeted Muslims? If Christians in America targeted Muslims? When a pastor of a small church in Florida said he would burn the Koran, all hell broke loose. World leaders came together, President Obama pleaded with him to stop, the military asked for him to reconsider. What will the world response to this development be?

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