Thursday, November 4, 2010

MSNBC Continues to make Fox News look good

MSNBC continues to embarrass itself, and that's no easy accomplishment. The one network that actually makes FOX News look fair and balanced, MSNBC continues to reach down to the lowest common denominator of modern discourse. I'm trying to be charitable, but there just isn't much to say. I watched its election night coverage for about ten minutes, became ashamed at the spot to which journalism had sunk, and turned. The rank and obvious partisanship is bad enough. The open contempt and loathing of all who reject liberal dogmas is bothersome. But the worst thing is that so many of its 'stars' - Matthews, Olbermann, Madow - act as though they have yet to hit puberty. Like a bunch of snotty pre-adolescents, they snicker and sneer and laugh and make fun of the other side to a point where you wonder if they have anything valuable to say. And you figure they must. So why act the way they do?

At least on other networks like CNN and Fox, when Anderson Cooper or Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly act obnoxious or partisan, it's done as an adult acting that way. Compared to the MSNBC gang, I could do better wheeling a TV in front of a bunch of sixth graders. Goodness knows the sixth graders probably would act more mature.

The best part of this rather shameful and embarrassing exchange on the part of the host Chris Matthews, and his giggling peanut gallery, is the slam Michelle Bachmann threw at him. Calling up Matthews' infamous 'tingling' feel he got when Obama spoke, Bachmann gives him as much as he deserves for being so condescending, contemptuous, and patronizing to a US Congresswoman. That Matthews didn't seem to get the reference, and the silence of the otherwise sneering cohorts, makes it a clip worth watching. When will NBC get it together and at least try not to look like the propaganda machine it has become? And an immature one at that.

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