Thursday, November 4, 2010

More just criticism of MSNBC

Glad to see I'm not the only one. Sure, CNN and Fox tilted to their respective biases. But at least they gave some amount of time to hosts and guests who were not on the same ideological team. Both did more than some might give them credit for. For instance, the article mentions that Fox gave time to conservatives, like Sarah Palin (who works for Fox). It fails to point out she was on next to Geraldine Ferraro, a noted liberal Democrat. It also mentioned that Fox drew criticism for the number of republican and conservative candidates on their payroll. Yet fails to mention that many hosts and anchors on other networks are no less linked to liberal and Democrat backgrounds, Chris Matthews and George Stephanopoulos being the first two that leap to mind. Still Fox, like CNN, and the others really, at least tried to give the impression that they were trying to be balanced.

In the end, every network is biased. What was so flagrant about MSNBC is that it didn't simply decide to throw away all pretense of neutrality. What was shocking was the insulting, disrespectful, and downright childish snobbery that the hosts had toward various Republican candidates, as well as their fellow Americans - who happen to be conservative - as a whole.

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