Thursday, October 19, 2017

I hate being right

Thank goodness it doesn't happen that often!  Here:

From my own humble studies in history, the history of the 20th century, as well as the blessings I received from friends I met in Grad School, I came to a similar conclusion.

We in the Christian West, including the United States, are under assault from a largely Marxist driven, Bolshevik inspired revolution.  That revolution long ago stole the hearts and minds of our ruling classes, our educators, entertainers, poets and dreamers.  The reasons are too many to get into.

I never went full blown 'Commie-pinko' conspiracy until the Transgender issue.  That's when I realized it was just like my friend from the former Soviet Union described.  In the USSR, he said, they taught you, among other things, absolute rubbish.  Real stupidity.  Like squares are round.  Something so against all science, religion, common sense, and real life experience that even HBO talk show hosts wouldn't believe it.  The purpose was to get you to submit to something you knew to be false.  If you would fight for round squares, if you would ostracize those who refuse to confess the roundness of squares, and you would completely fall behind the state's insistence that squares are and always have been round, then you'll fall in line behind anything.

When Obama and the Left hoisted Transgender normality on us, when the usual 'scientific' venues changed reality in lockstep with the demands of the Left, and when they went straight to pen and phone to make sure this new round square was obeyed or else, I could no longer deny the obvious.

The joining of the old post-AIDS notion that who we desire to have sex with is a physiological matter, with the idea that our physical bodies are irrelevant to our gender reality, should be the final signal that sets off a giant "Warning, Warning, Danger, Danger!"

Of course Hollywood, the Media, Academia and much of our public institutions are all firmly on board, which makes it tough.  Even if Hollywood is in full damage control mode, and attempts are being made to sustain its vital role as crucial member of the propaganda ministry, there is still the lumbering forward.  This movement won't give up any time soon.

At some point, people have to get wise.  Whether they do before it's too late is the only question.

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